What is Animal Communication

When to use it
What it provides


Animal communication provides additional information, understanding, helps

all situations with animals. It complements all other services and animal care.

It is done through telepathy, which is the language used by the animals.

- Develop a different relationship, human-animal

- Help gardian with an animal behavioral problem

- Find lost animals

- Know what the animal is living and wants when suffering and/or is transitioning

- Accompany and inform during an illness

- Give an overview of its personality and the appropriate environment for the animal BEFORE  adoption

- Inform during pregnancy: period of gestation, birth

- Prepare the animal for veterinary care, and after

- Facilitate the arrival of another animal, child, adult

- Understand what it lives in your absence and help in disturbing situations

- Prepare for your moving day, explain the new life situation, environment, context

- Solve aggressiveness between animals

- etc.