Dio, our 8 year old cat was urinating outside his litter boxes. Sometimes he urinated near the door leading to the garage. Other times he urinated on our bathroom mat. In the communication session, Lynda discovered that Dio didn’t like it when my husband and I left the house, and that was why he urinated near the door. He urinated on the bath mat because it was in a more convenient location! Lynda asked him to use his litter boxes again. Remarkably, the very next day he used the litter box upstairs, which he had been avoiding for months. He has not urinated outside of his boxes since the communication session. Thank you, Lynda for your excellent work with Dio. It solved the problem at hand, and I feel much more connected to him now. He is a happy, confident cat once again.  – C.H. Virginia, USA

I was first introduced to Animal Communication by Ms. Lynda Yelle.  She has mastered by her wisdom and experience one’s capacity to move beyond mundane endeavors.  She shares her knowledge and enables one to break down barriers of limitations and surf in a parallel world to observe that our Beloved companions, our friendly animals extend a hand.  She is a master in her field and contributes greatly to the awakening and understanding that our life is limitless and she expresses divinely. I invite all who seek answers to behold Animal Communication. – M.Y.

Lynda, what an amazing person you are !!! It is truly a blessing to have met you and to have been able to use your services to communicate with my dear ones! There are no words to tell you my extreme gratitude! After each communication, my cats and I are no longer the same ... We deepen each time our relationship, we know each other a little more, and love and respect are even more present! Thank you so much !!! What a privilege to communicate with your animals! Wow! - L.C.

I've known Lynda for quite a few years and as a person she is authentic, warm, loving, heartfelt individual. As a professional animal communicator, I can attest she is absolutely amazing! Lynda has done animal communications for my dogs for quite some time now and is always spot on with the information. She connects with them on a level that to me is the most important, knowing what they truly want, need and feel. Having done numerous animal communications with Lynda, it has helped us tap into another world with our dogs and having deeper and meaningful conversations and acquiring very helpful information that permitted us to help our dogs in achieving a better and happier life with us humans. As most animal lovers know, our animals are special souls that live with us and are part of our family and lives. I wanted to do the same for them that they do for us, support,  love unconditionally, and provide them with whatever they needed emotionally and spiritually so that they can fulfill their own life mission on this planet. Lynda provided that platform for me with my dogs, the enlightened conversations I've had and the messages I've received for my own life purpose was life altering and changing for all of us.  I am deeply grateful to Lynda for the person and the animal communicator that she is.  

Another part of my experiences with Lynda is the many times I had to make decisions for the health and well being of my dogs. Having rescued many senior dogs, decisions sometimes are very hard to make for them; with Lynda by my side and doing dog communications I was relieved to get the information directly from my beloved dogs to make the necessary decisions from treatments, to a change in their diet to the crossing of the rainbow bridge for them. Having had to make that final decision for them was of course heart wrenching as it always is BUT because of Lynda, I could say my goodbyes and tell them how much I appreciated each one of them, to thank them for the selfless support and unconditional love they each bestowed on me through their lives with me and how much I loved them in turn. In each case, we intuitively knew that it was the right decision but having that conversation with them directly with the assistance of Lynda and to be able to know their wish and what they want before they leave is so important for us and for our animals as well as so much a cherished experience. With Lynda and because of her, each of my dogs have had the opportunity to let me know if they were ready to cross over and how they wanted that experience to happen and how they felt about it. THAT in itself is so remarkable and so deep and heartfelt enriching experience that no words can describe. Lynda is confident, respectful, soft spoken, direct, transparent and honest in her abilities. She is also always so thankful and appreciative of being part of those experiences with you.  Lynda has accompanied my family in the crossing of the rainbow bridge of many of my rescues at home and the experience and information is reassuring for us going through the grieving process. It is so hard to say goodbye to someone we love but knowing that our fur babies made the decision of when and how is very important and makes the experience a soulful one.  Merci pour tout Lynda xxx -  J.B.

I was blessed to have an animal communication with Lynda yesterday. It was nothing less than amazing! I’ve had sessions with other animal communicators before, but this session with Lynda was so heart felt, and authentic. She was able to allow my dog Daisy and I to connect, and let me know exactly the answers to my questions about Daisy. Lynda was able to bring up areas that she had no previous knowledge of, and I felt so confident and assured with her ability to communicate with my dog, and with me. Thank you Lynda. You are truly doing, and enjoying your life’s purpose. - S.B. Ohio USA

Hi, Lynda. Last night Dio was back to his old self. In fact, we thought he was purring more loudly than ever!

Thank you so much, once again, for being there for Dio and for us. We don't know how you do what you do, but the results are always amazing. Incredible!  Many thanks, C.H. Virginia, USA