Cohabitation of species

July 8, 2018


We know that different species of animals can cohabit harmoniously. Like humans and animals!  Sometimes there are beliefs to meet, new experiences to live, opportunities that arise to better know each other.


I had the pleasure of meeting Merlin, a 6-7 month old parakeet perched on the arm of the gallery at home in August 2009. What a surprise to see this young bird there! After my astonishment, I realize that my first thought is: 'I cannot keep him, I have two cats'. The popular belief that cats and birds cannot live together!


The bird is still. I continue talking to him softly and he goes into the cage that I placed near him. I put him on the kitchen table and watch as he rests. Maya, the 7-year-old cat, comes in and hears the bird. She rushes to him, climbs onto the table with her nose against the bars. Excited, agitated, her feline instinct is very active!


I communicate with Merlin, explain that there are two cats here and ask him if he wants to stay with us. He answers that cats are not a problem for him, that Maya's attitude does not bother him and that he chose us.


I talk to Maya who is still sitting near the cage, fixated. I ask her what she thinks of the situation, if she wants the bird to live with us, if she can cohabit with him harmoniously; I tell her that he is not bothered by cats and that he has chosen us. There is a 50% change in her behavior.


Two weeks later, I communicate with Maya again to know how she is living this situation, if she needs something, etc. Part of her basic feline instinct is still reacting to the bird. I explain to her that she has the opportunity to learn from Merlin, to get to know his world and species and that she can rise above the predatory feline instinct. She understands! I feel the shift in her energy that changes her behavior! She is no longer attracted to the bird, she walks by the cage undisturbed. They learned to cohabit in the same house, in the same room, when they are alone and in my presence!

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