Human-animal relationship today

June 19, 2018

It’s wonderful to see the role our pets play in our lives today! They have their favorite place in the house, many products and services are offered for their well-being, their pleasure and ours!

Scientists recognize that they have emotions, levels of intelligence, ability to associate, to adapt.


Various organizations and professionals train animals to perform specific tasks to help humans. They have become indispensable collaborators!



«A Communication is the exchange of information between two beings, whatever the species».


Animal communicators obtain and transmit information directly from the animal,  from its perspective, without human interpretation and projection. It complements all services, situations, provides knowledge of what the animal needs, wants, lives, feels.


Animal Communication exists for over 45 years. It is is recognized, practiced and thought all over the world.

For some people and in some circles, it is still considered 'paranormal' when it is a 'normal' language. Humans know this language which is telepathy. They call it intuition, feeling .......... and often uses it without their knowledge because they put it aside to learn and use human verbal language.

Opening up to animal language is above all an opportunity to better understand the animal. It can modify different approaches, change common practices, make a difference, grow. It is learned and used by anyone interested, and/or in contact with  animals; its an additional tool in their approach!  For all professionals working with animals, it adds to their expertise, their services, their profession!


Live a different human-animal relationship today!


"Be the change you want to see in the World" ... Gandhi "

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