Evolution of the species

April 8, 2018

Let's take a look at the evolution of humans and animals over time, through my eyes.


In the era of prehistoric men, the role of the animal was to provide for the basic needs of man; food, clothing, shelter, tools, etc.


Later, man uses the animal for work and as a means of transport. He has a closer contact with him; the animal remains a commodity to man.


Man recognizes more and more the animals’ potential and gives him precise tasks, implicates him more in his work and daily life. He is part of the family but not yet of the household.


In time, man begins to 'look at him' differently. He ‘sees’ him more and more and how he can use him in different ways. He gives the animal jobs, roles in various situations such as leisure, entertainment, as a companion, a helper for humans.


The animal is finally recognized! He demonstrated his adaptability and contribution. He is part of the humans’ life. He now has His place in the house, he is a partner, a friend, a guardian, a companion.


Each species evolves with the other, over time, individually and collectively. The more human recognizes the animal in its entirety, more the animal uses its full potential. The closer the animal is to the human, the more human contributes to the awareness and the opening of consciousness of his species towards the animal and all the species.


 Long live the Evolution of the Species!

Next blog: Human-animal relationship!


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