"I love animals and am interested in the human-animal relationship. Having pets all my life, I realized long ago that they have emotions, things to say and they really want and need to be understood. For humans, the desire to better interact with animals in any circumstances is omnipresent.  Opening up to their world, to their perspective means opening up to the Animal Kingdom, seeing, feeling what they live. It is to welcome their teachings and recognize '' that they are much more than the body they inhabit! '' - Lynda Yelle


I am an International Animal Communicator, teacher, coach, speaker. Since 2007, I offer my animal communication services in French and in English, by phone, in different regions in person and by Webinar.  At Zoo Academy, schools of Jacinthe Bouchard, an animal behavior specialist. I give lectures, I lead canine-cafes, I co-host workshops with horses, etc.

«I am fluent in the universal language of telepathy and passionate about helping people better understand their animal friends and connect with all of life !»


I studied with Caroline Leroux in Quebec, perfected my knowledge in the United States with Penelope Smith, founder of animal communication, and continue to specialize with recognized teachers and of course, with the animals!




An Animal Communication is a two-way exchange with the animal. I am the "voice" of the animal. I connect to his viewpoints, understand and share what he lives, thinks, feels at the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual levels in all situations, present and past.

For the person, I am your link to better understand who he is. I explain his behavior, if aggressive,  in your absence or with the sitter, when he receives care. I help you in getting him ready for moving day, the arrival of a child, of another animal or the departure of a human or animal companion. I'm your connexion during sickness, his transition, death and after death.

«I also work with farm animals, different species in situations of unwanted visitors like moles that plow the yard, mice and squirrels that rent the attic for winter, invasive ants, rats in the stable, etc. "»       

                                                              Looking forward to communicating with you! - Lynda